Prof. Sara Linse

Head of Wren Sweden

Professor Linse is Head of Sweden office for Wren Therapeutics and is Professor of Physical Chemistry and Molecular Protein Science at Lund University, Sweden.  Her current research focuses on protein misfolding and self-assembly, including the aggregation process, the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, and coaggregation between lipids and proteins.

Professor Linse's research has focused on developing new experimental and theoretical tools for studying highly complex systems of misfolding proteins in a quantitative and repeatable manner. Her approaches have made it possible to generate (for the first time) high signal-to-noise data from these systems, and have subsequently revealed fundamental insights into the molecular mechanisms driving these systems, including the importance of auto-catalytic cycles in the protein misfolding and aggregation pathway.

Professor Linse has received numerous awards for her work, including the Cozzarelli Prize awarded by the National Academy of Sciences, USA (2007), the IUPAC Distinguished Woman in Chemistry prize (2011), and Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Great Prize (2014). Professor Linse studied Chemical Engineering at Lund University and Stanford University, and received her doctorate in Physical Chemistry from Lund. 

In 2009, Professor Linse became a Member of the Nobel Prize Committee for Chemistry; she served as Chair of the Committee from 2015-2017, and continues as a Member of the Committee.

Professor Linse has co-authored over 245 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Publications by Prof. Sara Linse

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