Solving the therapeutic impasse for protein misfolding diseases

Our mission is to translate the company's pioneering kinetics-based drug discovery platform into life-changing medicines for patients with protein misfolding diseases.

A highly complex and to-date unsolvable challenge

Many diseases can be treated by targeting a single folded protein. Because of this, the traditional tools of molecular biology and drug discovery are designed to study the individual behaviour of proteins. But these traditional tools will never be able to solve the misfolding problem, because misfolding diseases can’t be understood by looking at the static behaviour of any one individual component. They are instead driven by dynamic, non-linear networks of interactions and interconversions between many different molecular species. A radically new approach is required.

A different way of thinking

Folded protein diseases: Individual behaviour

  • One target, few states
  • Linear, limited feedback
  • Structured, stable

Misfolded protein diseases: Network behaviour

  • Many targets, many states
  • Non-linear, feedback loops
  • Disordered, unstable

What is the most effective strategy to reduce toxicity in these complex systems?

Wren has developed an entirely new approach to drug discovery designed specifically to address the unique challenges of protein misfolding. Our kinetics-based approach solves for the molecular reaction network that underlies each misfolding disease, providing a fully predictive, quantitative map of the network and its dynamics. The approach further reveals the most effective strategy to reduce toxicity across the network, which is often highly counter-intuitive, and enables us to rapidly discover and optimise therapeutic drugs.

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