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Our revolutionary science

A fundamentally new approach to drug discovery for protein misfolding diseases.

About protein misfolding diseases

Wren is focused on drug discovery and development for protein misfolding diseases. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases are widely known examples of this group of medical disorders, but others include Type-2 diabetes and many rare diseases amongst the more than 50 in total.

The challenge and our approach

Protein misfolding diseases are one of the most critical global healthcare challenges of the 21st century. However, current strategies - in particular those driven by traditional drug discovery and biological approaches - have proven, at least to date, to be ineffective. Wren has pioneered a new approach to solve misfolding diseases. Our predictive, quantitative platform is built on concepts from the physical sciences and is a fundamental shift from the descriptive, qualitative methods of traditional biology, which have failed to successfully address these complex systems.

Our Technology Platforms

By integrating our network kinetics platform with our suite of proprietary experimental technologies, we are able to map and modulate complex molecular mechanisms of misfolding. Our approach is repeatable across many different protein misfolding diseases.

Our pipeline

Wren is rapidly advancing a pipeline of small molecule and antibody therapeutic candidates, as well as diagnostics, for a number of high-value targets. We are prioritising protein misfolding diseases with significant unmet medical need, for which no approved disease-modifying treatments currently exist.

Over one thousand articles published to date

Wren’s science has been validated by the world’s leading scientific journals.

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