Scientist/Senior Scientist - Protein Biochemistry and Biophysics

This is an excellent opportunity to join a thriving Cambridge Based SME as a talented Scientist or Senior Scientist to join its rapidly growing scientific team.

The appointee will play a key role in the company’s development, contributing to a variety of exciting experiments and, in particular, will have key responsibilities within the company’s Protein platform. This is a lab-based role where the appointee will be responsible for performing a wide range of molecular biology and analytical biochemistry techniques in order to deliver high quality proteins and antibodies to support a variety of drug discovery programmes and will have strong organisational and communication skills.

The appointee will conduct drug discovery research projects, together with other members of the team, and will contribute to the development and application of new methodologies. The successful candidate will have a desire to play a role in discovering new treatments for debilitating diseases, whilst working in an innovative and fast-paced environment.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Support drug discovery programmes by providing expertise in the recombinant production of proteins and peptides using a number of bacterial and mammalian systems
  • Design, implement and optimise protocols for expressing and purifying a number of proteins, peptides and antibodies
  • Be familiar with chromatography techniques, such as affinity, ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography 
    Carry-out analytical biochemistry assays, such as ELISA, Western blots and SDS-Page
  • Take an active role in the biochemical and biophysical applications of the purified proteins, for example by characterising structural stability, activity and solubility. The candidate may also be asked at times to support the activities of other teams to ensure the smooth running of the company activities.
  • Other duties may include, but are not limited to, site-directed mutagenesis or other molecular biology techniques
  • Promote and assist with the day-to-day running of a busy experimental laboratory
  • Write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other appropriate media, including making presentations at conferences or exhibiting work at academic or industry conferences
  • Communicate complex ideas and concepts to those with limited knowledge and understanding as well as to peers 
  • Mentor and coach colleagues with less experience.

Skills, qualifications and experience required

  • PhD in bioscience, biochemistry, molecular biology or a related discipline, at a leading academic institution, and/or relevant industry experience
  • Experience in the recombinant expression, purification and characterisation of proteins and peptides using a variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques 
  • Experience in the optimisation of protein expression systems for yield and quality
  • Experience with Akta purification systems and protein characterisation using, but not limited to, optical spectroscopy, SDS-PAGE analysis and western blots
  • Research expertise in the topic of protein misfolding and aggregation and experience working with amyloid-forming proteins is highly desirable
  • Experience in site-directed mutagenesis, molecular cloning, and other related techniques is beneficial
  • Experience of working in biopharmaceutical drug discovery supporting therapeutic program progression is beneficial
  • Evidence of lab-based leadership with the ability to influence through matrix teams
  • Excellent scientific record keeping, data analysis and interpretation skills 
  • Strong organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to understand complex problems and to design and implement novel solutions
  • Ability to work both independently and within teams as part of collaborative research projects
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with both a technical and a non-technical audience.

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Wren Therapeutics will offer the opportunity to work for a growing and successful business in the Biotech industry, a generous salary, and benefits package. If you meet the above criteria and would be interested in working for us, then please apply.

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