Scientist (Senior or Principal) - Protein Aggregation Assays and Drug Screening

This is an excellent opportunity to join a thriving Cambridge Based SME as a talented Scientist (Senior or Principal).

The appointee will play a key role in the company’s research team, contributing to a variety of exciting experiments and will have key responsibilities within the company’s drug discovery platform. This is a hands-on, lab-based role where the appointee will be responsible for performing a wide range of drug discovery experiments, such as high-throughput screening, kinetics-based protein aggregation assays, and a range of biochemical and biophysical assays for characterising proteins, lipids and small molecules. The appointee will develop strategies for increased throughput, develop and implement novel assays, and establish relationships with external service providers. The candidate will have a background in molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics and small molecules drug discovery for challenging targets – ideally gained in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology environment.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Lead in vitro drug discovery projects and experiments.
  • Perform protein production, purification and aggregation assays, including but not limited to, fluorescence-based assays.
  • Design, implement and optimise protocols for studying the effect of inhibitors on protein aggregation and determine their mechanism of action.
  • Perform a range of experiments that include, but not limited to, molecular biology, biochemistry, robot-assisted automated high-throughput kinetics experiments, western blots, amongst others, and perform data analysis.
  • Perform, miniaturise, and automate kinetics-based experiments.
  • Design and perform biochemical and biophysical assays to study protein-protein, protein-lipids, and protein-small molecules interactions.
  • Carry out analytical biochemistry assays, such as ELISA, Western blots and SDS-Page. The candidate may also be asked to support the activities of other teams where their expertise may be relevant.
  • Drive and maintain high standards for data generation and collaborate with the Data & Analytics team for data analysis and implementing data automation processes for increased efficiency.
  • Be constantly on the lookout for the next advances in protein assays and propose projects that will support project goals.
  • Advocate for drug discovery mindset in project design and execution.
  • Promote and assist with the day-to-day running of a busy experimental laboratory.
  • Communicate with the wider company and update on research progress verbally and in writing.
  • Write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other appropriate media, including making presentations at conferences or exhibiting work at academic or industry conferences.
  • Communicate complex ideas and concepts to those with limited knowledge and understanding as well as to peers
  • Mentor and coach colleagues with less experience.

Person Specification


  • PhD in physical chemistry, biochemistry, or a related discipline, at a leading academic institution, and/or relevant industry experience.
  • A minimum of 3 to 4 years’ experience as a (Senior) scientist in protein science and assay development, ideally within industry.  

Relevant Experience:

  • Expertise in the topic of protein misfolding and aggregation. In particular, experience working experimentally with amyloid forming proteins, automation and developing assays for screening of small molecules.
  • Experience in characterising proteins, lipids, small molecules and the interaction between them using a variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques, including but not limited to SPR, MST, ITC etc.
  • Experience with Akta purification systems and protein characterisation using, but not limiting to, optical spectroscopy, SDS-PAGE analysis and western blots.
  • Experience with chromatography techniques, such as affinity, ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography.
  • Previous experience in increasing throughput, miniaturisation and automation is a plus.
  • Experience in protein aggregation kinetics-based assays and analysis of resulting data is highly valuable.
  • ​Experience working in industry supporting drug discovery programmes is highly valuable. 

Skills and Abilities:

  • Evidence of lab-based experience and project management.
  • Excellent scientific record-keeping, data analysis and interpretation skills. 
  • Ability to use data analysis software, including but not limited to, Microsoft Suite and PRISM.
  • Strong organisational and problem-solving skills to meet deadlines.
  • Communicating verbally and in writing with people inside and outside the organisation.
  • Ability to understand complex problems and to design and implement novel solutions.
  • Ability to work both independently and within teams as part of collaborative research projects.

Personal Attributes:

The appointee will have a flexible character with a growth mindset that will allow to see opportunities in challenges and adapt to pressing needs. They will also enjoy working with others and keen to develop themselves. They will need to be passionate about driving scientific discoveries to cure debilitating diseases.

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