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Our dedicated workforce

At Wren Therapeutics, we have a highly skilled and experienced team who are helping us to achieve our mission.

  • G. Kelly Martin


  • Samuel Cohen PhD

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Benedetta Mannini PhD

    Principal Scientist

  • Prof. Michele Vendruscolo

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Prof. Sara Linse

    Head of Wren Sweden

  • Johnny Habchi PhD

    Head of Research

  • Karen Valelli

    Executive Assistant

  • Michele Perni PhD

    Principal Scientist

  • Prof. Tuomas Knowles

    Head of Kinetics

  • Xiaoting Yang PhD

    Principal Scientist

  • Alleyn Plowright PhD

    Head of Translational Science & Pre-Clinical Development

  • Luke Rajah PhD

    Head of Business Operations & Strategic Initiatives

  • Emer Reynolds

    Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Affairs

  • Michal Cabadaj

    Director of Business Development & Strategy

  • Gemma Marlow

    Head of Human Resources & Administration

  • Kerry Jenkins PhD

    Director of Chemistry

  • Mekdes Debela PhD

    Senior Scientist

  • Robert Horne


  • Kalyani Sanagavarapu PhD


  • Chen Gao PhD


  • Sunehera Sarwat

    Research Associate

  • Pietro Sormanni PhD


  • Kamil Zmijewski

    Research Assistant

  • Joseph Wilson

    Financial Controller

  • Andrew Cridland PhD

    Principal Medicinal Chemist

  • Matteo Runfola

    Laboratory Technician

  • Adriana Wolf Perez PhD


  • Eimantas Sileikis

    Research Associate

  • Sean Keng Rui Chia PhD

    Senior Scientist

  • Joseph Menzies

    Research Associate

  • Roxine Staats


  • Diana Pöllmann PhD


  • Andreea Aprodu

    Research Assistant

  • Andrea Possenti

    Data Scientist

  • Rodrigo Lessa Cataldi PhD


  • Katarina Pisani


  • Eleonora Sarracco

    Research Assistant

  • Tanja Weiffert PhD


  • Alicia Gonzalez Diaz


Want to join the team?

To learn more about career opportunities at Wren Therapeutics, please see our job postings or apply by sending us your CV.

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