Network kinetics drug discovery

A pioneering approach to address protein misfolding diseases

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Solving the therapeutic impasse for protein misfolding diseases

Traditional approaches have failed to address protein misfolding diseases. Wren is pioneering a new and radically different approach for drug discovery, driven by physical principles and based on decades of research from our scientific founders.

The potential impact of our kinetic based approach

Protein misfolding diseases are the most important healthcare challenge of the 21st century and affect 500+ million people costing $2+ trillion per year. As a result of modern lifestyles and increases in life expectancy, this number will triple by 2050.

Over 25 years of scientific research

Wren’s unique approach to addressing the challenge of protein misfolding diseases is built on concepts from the physical sciences and is based on decades of iconic research from our world renowned founding scientists.

Join us in pioneering kinetics-based drug discovery

Wren is looking for talented individuals who are as passionate as we are about changing the lives of patients with protein misfolding diseases.

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